Book of Revelation Charts

Were created to understand the book of Revelation by simply paralleling the seven seal Judgments with the seven historical events. I recommend checking out my YouTube channel that shows how I deciphered Revelation, plus read the introduction for each chart to help select which one you like or request all four. And read my introduction to my forthcoming book. “The book of Revelation Original Scroll Layout Volume-1” a Cross-Reference book. “Understand the Seven-Seal Judgments & Third Temple Timeline by paralleling the events.”

We ask that you please consider donating to our cause that helps prepare people before they build the Third Temple. In return I will send you my original scroll chart that took 20 years to organize. Or request other charts that help understand Revelation.

1: Modern book view 60″x 9″ $10 helps see how difficult it is to parallel the 7- seals & 7-historical periods.
2: Original scroll view 18″x 36″ $20 helps see the original scroll, but still hard to parallel the 7-events.
3: Seven Periods timeline scroll view 40″x 36″ $30 helps clearly parallel the 7- seals & 7-historical periods.
4: Imagery timeline scroll with a combined timeline chart 30″x 42″$40 helps parallel the images quickly. Below are all four with approximate sizes, we ask that you consider donating at any amount to cover printing, shipping, and handling. Or all four charts for $70. that will help our ministry.

View Book of Revelation Wall Charts