Were created to understand the book of Revelation by simply paralleling the seven seal Judgments with the seven historical events. I recommend checking out my YouTube channel that shows how I deciphered Revelation, plus read the introduction for each chart to help select which one you like or request all four. And read my introduction to my forthcoming book. “The book of Revelation Original Scroll Layout Volume-1” a Cross-Reference book. “Understand the Seven-Seal Judgments & Third Temple Timeline by paralleling the events.”

We ask that you please consider donating to our cause that helps prepare people before they build the Third Temple. In return I will send you my original scroll chart that took 20 years to organize. Or request other charts that help understand Revelation.

1: Modern book view 60″x 9″ $10 helps see how difficult it is to parallel the 7- seals & 7-historical periods.
2: Original scroll view 18″x 36″ $20 helps see the original scroll, but still hard to parallel the 7-events.
3: Seven Periods timeline scroll view 40″x 36″ $30 helps clearly parallel the 7- seals & 7-historical periods.
4: Imagery timeline scroll with a combined timeline chart 30″x 42″$40 helps parallel the images quickly. Below are all four with approximate sizes, we ask that you consider donating at any amount to cover printing, shipping, and handling. Or all four charts for $70. that will help our ministry.

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Were created to clarify who’s the fourth beast-kingdom because some purposely hindered from knowing it was the Roman Empire. Daniel explains it in five different ways, who is under the wing of Satan, who makes war with the saints and forces them to worship him and his image till the time of the Gentile is complete. (Daniel 2, 7, 8, 9, 10-12) Then cometh the end, when the Son of God (Jesus) shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, which will last forever. (1-Corinthians 15:21-28)

Yet history confirms Rome, was predicted to revive many times, which some might conclude ten times, because it had ten horns referring to ten periods during church history. And later it would be known as the little horn in chapters 7:8, 8:23-27 7:20-21. That revived in 325 AD. under a blasphemes False Christian name. (Roman Catholic & Ecumenical Christian Churches) Who are the two horns in chapter Revelation 13: And later, I will prove that after WWII in 1945, it disguised its name under the United Nations (UN) that promises peace, prosperity, and liberty to all who unite. If not, you cannot buy or sell (trade) unless you receive the mark of the beast-kingdom per Revelation 13:

Please check out my YouTube video "One World Government" & "Who is the First beast that made war in Revelation 13: who will try to desecrate the temple? And later, I will finish my book on Daniel with additional charts.

I discovered it’s easier to understand this book by paralleling the visions, like in the book of Revelation. The difference is Daniel warns us about the 4th Roman beast-kingdom in 5-different ways, while Revelation is the squeal to Daniel, warning us in 7 chapters. Plus, it identifies it in chapters 12, 13, and 17.

Nevertheless, 8:11-13 says that when the sin has reached its fullness in the latter-day, a fourth kingdom shall arise from [Rome] who has fierce features. Who understands sinister schemes (plot evil, deception, blasphemes by twisting God’s word)? He takes away the daily sacrifices and casts truth down to the ground. (Referring to twisting the word of God) and prosper. And in 2:43-44 says, in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed and consume all these kingdoms. (So, the question for those who doubt, who is this fourth kingdom other than the Roman Empire.)


  • Daniel 2 uses symbolic imagery as a man, such as human Parts & Precious Metals.
  • Daniel 7 uses the imagery of four Wild Beast-Animal
  • Daniel 8 uses the imagery of two Domestic Animal
  • Daniel 9 focuses on the seventy-week judgment to end sin plus foretells that Rome would kill Jesus and destroy the Second Temple. Who will come again and try to defile the Third Temple? But this time, God will deliver/ rapture the saints before he releases the last plaques on those left behind.
  • Daniel 10-12 uses plain (Literal) Language regarding the 2nd & 3rd Temple.

Yet, I will explain the complete chart in a YouTube presentation one day, and I will send you this chart if you support my ministry.

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Help us see who’s teaching the truth by comparing the book of Revelation timeline vs. fictional book’s that many learn from the left behind series or by Tim LaHaye and Dr. Thomas Ice charts. With or without intent to deceive. Most importantly, it prepares us for the next event, the fallen away, similar to what happened during the first two temples. When the Pre-tribulation followers see the Third Temple, they fall away because scoffers will mock them, “where is the promise of his coming” that you would be raptured before Daniel’s 70th week. Includes not seeing the Third Temple or experiencing the Great Tribulation period, which it’s not even intended for the Godly.

The most alarming thing about the Pre-Pretribulation Rapture timeline it makes absolutely no sense as they show the seven seal judgments, the four horsemen, and the seven trumpets trampling the Jews while building the third Temple. In comparison, the Post Tribulation timeline shows a time of peace for three and a half years (or period) while building the Temple.

And the second reason their scaring people, the Antichrist will rule the Third Temple, which the Bible doesn’t support; plus, I, with millions of orthodox Jews and Christians, will say not so per all the prophets. Plus, likened to the days of the second Temple in 70 A.D., when the Godly Jews and Christians fought to the death.

Yet God tells us to build the Third Temple and see the Glory of the Lord protect Israel and the righteous because He will put a ring of fire around the beloved City Jerusalem. And send His Angels to destroy the Roman beast-kingdom and three allies who are the United Nations and NATO.

Please check out my YouTube on the Rapture and others to better explain this event. And if you support my ministry, I will send you this chart if you ask for it. That gives us hope in heaven and one of the best timelines showing God will protect the Godly with no misunderstanding.

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I’m seeking academic editors or co-author to finish it. That helps us see what happened inside the first and second Temples so we can prepare for the third. Because the Jewish people allowed the image of jealously inside the temple and the Roman beast-kingdom will try to set it inside again.

Yet in this third Temple, God will give peace for a while and protect if the Jewish people do not allow this abomination inside. Then when Rome and the UN surround the Temple, God will send His Christ to destroy those who accepted the mark and worshiped his image and the ungodly. Then many will believe, and God will be honored and glorified before all men.

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I’m seeking academic editors or co-author to finish it. They help us parallel Revelation 7-seal prophecy with 2,000 years of church history. It’s a 7-columns comparison chart that shows that 5 of the 7-Seals came to pass during the Roman Empire, “Great Persecutions,” & the Revived Roman Empire & Religion, “Catholic Inquisitions,” who made war with the Saints. After they crucified Jesus, he went before God in heaven. And God sent him as His Messenger to instruct John to warn the seven churches about the first beast-kingdom under a blasphemes (fake-disguised) name. And the second beast, under a blasphemes (fake) name Roman Catholic Christian Church. And the Ecumenical Christian Churches, who are sent by way of a (false) peace, both do everything in the presence of the first beast-kingdom.

This 7’x3’+- wall chart shows: (1) how they deceived the saints or killed those who disagreed and did not accept the mark of the beast or worship its image. (2) it reveals all five descriptions of the beast-kingdom in chapters 12 and 13: the 1st & 2nd beast, the image of the beast, the mark of the beast, the name of the beast. (3) shows the major groups in Revelation. (4) Confirm that 5 of the 7-seals judgments were fulfilled; two remain for the last 7-year. God said, show these things and give hope to the saints. That the trumpet Angels will Passover them, and He will send Jesus to deliver (rapture) them before the wrath of God poured on the Roman beastkingdom and the lawless Liberals who refused to listen.

Note: This chart is coming soon; I still need to confirm all copyrights and show references to all my notes.

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