Our Ministry is Officially Ready for Teaching, Reasoning, or Debate

My goal is to strengthen the Church by first stopping division among our brethren. And by exposing those who are causing it, realizing some un-intentionally, while others purposely. Then unite the Jewish people before they build the Third Temple. God said he’s going to save the righteous before the wrath of God and punish the ungodly and those who hinder the truth. This happened during the first & second temple period, and He’s going to do it again. Read the story of Ezekiel 9. https://youtube.com/channel/UC1uA5OqBcOjxe7 Subscribe for updates, special events, and please note, I’m still adding material to the website, and may the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and His Son Jesus, bless you in a might way for helping me. Thank you for your prayer, and donations to continue my research, plus complete re-arranging the Bible back to its chronological order so you can read it like a history book.