THE MESSAGE April 25, 2024 by Jose Oscar Salinas

Hey everyone, this is a quick update. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy at work and working on my upcoming book about Revelation, scheduled to be released around June…

Nevertheless, people have been asking if the Book of Revelation tells us if this is the final war between Russia and Ukraine that will bring destruction. Well, I’d say No. But I think it will lead to WWIII and a peace treaty, including building the third temple.

According to Revelation and other prophecies, there will be a time of peace while the third temple is being built before the final war happens.

After that period (the first part of the last seven years), there will be a beast kingdom that unites the nations, sometimes called the man of sin, who will try to set up the image of abomination in the holy place (Jerusalem Temple). This will anger the Lord God, triggering the Great Tribulation, leading to the final war (the Gog-Magog war in Armageddon).

Please check out my YouTube videos; I’ll have more details in my upcoming book. Some think this book will stop division in the churches because the Revelation timeline explains five times when the Rapture occurs. Plus, it gives us hope that God commands His angels to Passover those who did not accept the mark of the beast (the laws of the kingdom that make you sin against God).

Lastly, thank you for following my website and YouTube channel. I pray that God gives you understanding, wisdom, and boldness for the love of God and truth, which sets us free and gives us hope in heaven. God bless you all!