Book of Revelation Original Scroll

I’m seeking a new publisher, because see notes below. Many say the book of Revelation is the most challenging book to understand. Jose says it’s not if you read it in its original scroll layout. The Book of Revelation deserves a second chance to understand because it shows a clear chronological timeline of what’s about to happen during Daniel’s seventieth week. Simply by paralleling the events with the parenthetical chapters as if John wrote 8 pages. Most importantly, I carefully kept the 22 chapters in chronological order without changing the text. Yet, Revelation instructs the pastors to prepare the saints for what’s about to happen because the saints did not listen to the warnings 2:21. The purpose of this presentation is so that people won’t run weary and lose hope when these last events happen. Scripture warns us that scoffers will come in the last days and mock you "where is the promise of His coming" and many will fall away.

The Seven Major Periods- A Timeline Prophecy of the Last Days:

  1. Millennial Reign of Christ on earth is to destroy the work of Satan and his ministers dressed in sheep clothing
  2. Tribulation-Time of the Gentiles is when God released 5 of the 7 seals that caused it during Church History (currently).
  3. 70th Week of Daniel is a seven-year peace plan, which triggers building the Third Temple (next event).
  4. Great Tribulation is a 3 ½ year period that marks the middle of the seven years (God releases the last two seals).
  5. Pre-Tribulation Rapture signifies the end of the seven years when the saints are taken into heaven.
  6. Wrath of God triggers the Final Battle of Armageddon when He destroys Satan and those left behind.
  7. Kingdom of God begins; it signifies paradise in heaven with no more pain or suffering that will last everlasting

NOTES: I was canceled by WestBow, a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan Bible Translators, in January 2022 after six months of review. They implied I could not mention that the UN, EU, NATO, and the Catholic and Ecumenical Christian Churches are the first and second beast-kingdom in chapter 13. And maybe because I’m showing photos of how they’re crowning the dragon inside the Vatican that I took after a month of research at the Vatican. I asked them to publish my book, which helps parallel the chapters in a simple format in one ½ hour. Nevertheless, I’m finding out that many Ecumenical Christian Bible publishers are hindering from knowing the truth. So, I hope you check out my YouTube video and see how easy it is to understand it yourself.