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Are historical books that were part of the original Bible since 300-397 AD., but they were removed around 1546- 1800’s. Some say it was the Catholics, while others say it was the Christians because they believed they weren’t ‘inspired by God. But there’s more to that story that I need to confirm, yet I encourage people to read them with a fine-tooth comb, especially the Maccabee books, because they contain historical information. And later, I hope to finish organizing them in chronological order.

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That help us understand the Bible and the prophet’s layout.

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I’m seeking academic editors or co-author to finish it. That helps us see what happened inside the first and second Temples so we can prepare for the third. Because the Jewish people allowed the image of jealously inside the temple and the Roman beast-kingdom will try to set it inside again.

Yet in this third Temple, God will give peace for a while and protect if the Jewish people do not allow this abomination inside. Then when Rome and the UN surround the Temple, God will send His Christ to destroy those who accepted the mark and worshiped his image and the ungodly. Then many will believe, and God will be honored and glorified before all men.

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I’m seeking academic editors or co-author to finish it. They help us parallel Revelation 7-seal prophecy with 2,000 years of church history. It’s a 7-columns comparison chart that shows that 5 of the 7-Seals came to pass during the Roman Empire, “Great Persecutions,” & the Revived Roman Empire & Religion, “Catholic Inquisitions,” who made war with the Saints. After they crucified Jesus, he went before God in heaven. And God sent him as His Messenger to instruct John to warn the seven churches about the first beast-kingdom under a blasphemes (fake-disguised) name. And the second beast, under a blasphemes (fake) name Roman Catholic Christian Church. And the Ecumenical Christian Churches, who are sent by way of a (false) peace, both do everything in the presence of the first beast-kingdom.

This 7’x3’+- wall chart shows: (1) how they deceived the saints or killed those who disagreed and did not accept the mark of the beast or worship its image. (2) it reveals all five descriptions of the beast-kingdom in chapters 12 and 13: the 1st & 2nd beast, the image of the beast, the mark of the beast, the name of the beast. (3) shows the major groups in Revelation. (4) Confirm that 5 of the 7-seals judgments were fulfilled; two remain for the last 7-year. God said, show these things and give hope to the saints. That the trumpet Angels will Passover them, and He will send Jesus to deliver (rapture) them before the wrath of God poured on the Roman beastkingdom and the lawless Liberals who refused to listen.

Note: This chart is coming soon; I still need to confirm all copyrights and show references to all my notes.

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